Professional Profile

Data scientist possessing:

  1. a deep theoretical knowledge of advanced statistical and computer science methods;
  2. applied knowledge of the different tools of data science;
  3. the ability to effectively communicate with subjects without a technical background in data science.

In particular, the master course provides the methodological tools to future data-driven decision makers in the fields of economics, business and health sciences.

Professional Abilities

At the end of the program, participants will have acquired:

  • a knowledge of the most advanced methods of statistics, computer science, engineering and artificial intelligence;
  • the ability to collect relevant data;
  • the ability to structure, clean and analyze large data sources;
  • the ability to organize, analyze and evaluate results to support decision-making processes;
  • strong communication and visualization skills.

Career Opportunities

  • As data analyst in the public and private sectors: pharmaceutical, banking, energy, finance, and insurance companies, research centers, international organizations, public administrations, hospitals, local authorities, etc.
  • PhD programs in line with the topics covered, both in Italy and abroad

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