Costs and scholarships

Selected candidates will be able to proceed with the enrollment process.

The enrollment fee of € 4,500 can be paid in two equal amounts: the first installment must be paid upon enrollment; the second installment in the following months (for the next edition deadline is the 10th of May 2024).

It is also possible to enroll in individual modules. The list of courses available as individual modules is included in the call for applications. In this case, the registration fee is € 100/CFU. To enroll in individual modules it is necessary to have one of the qualifications indicated among those necessary to be admitted to the master.

Each edition, a variable number of scholarships are available for Italian or foreign students enrolling in the 2nd level Master in Data Science and Statistical Learning (MD2SL). The scholarship covers the enrollment fee.


Edition 2023/2024

The call for n.2 merit-based scholarships for enrollment in the 2nd-level Master's in Data Science and Statistical Learning (MD2SL) has been released. 

The application deadline is November 23, 2023, at 1:00 PM

Call for application D.D. n. 11478/2023 prot. n. 251078 del 20/10/2023
pubblicato sull'Albo Ufficiale repertorio n. 12384 dal 20/10/2023 al 23/11/2023
Fillable application (Allegato A)
Curriculum Vitae (Allegato B)

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